Forklift Certificate

Our course’s aim is to provide training and assessment so a forklift operator can be certified to operate a forklift on a worksite.Training

The objective is to demonstrate knowledge and skill by:

  • Passing a theory assessment
  • Passing a practical assessment

Once the training objectives have been achieved the operator will be issued with a forklift safety certificate.
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  • Courses are conducted on a daily basis, Monday to Thursdays. Weekend and night courses can be arranged.
  • Courses can be 1 or more days, this will be determined by the instructor conducting the course.
  • All Forklift courses will commence at 9am sharp, please ensure that your staff is there 15 minutes before the course starts.

All course personnel must wear suitable clothing and footwear.

No loose fitting clothes or jandals or sandals allowed.
Endorsement F assessments on arrangement only. Courses can be conducted on your site by prior arrangement only.


img-1There are Five (5) main categories, in which these courses can be conducted (all prices include GST):

CAT 1 (Basic 1 Day Course) $200.00
Trainees who have good sound knowledge of the forklift but have not obtained a Department of Labour (O.S.H.) certificate. Maximum time period up to 8 hrs.

CAT 2 (Basic 2 Day Course) $250.00
Trainees who have never driven or have minimal knowledge of the forklift. Time period can change, depending on skill and confidence of operator.

img-2CAT 3 (Refresher Course) $140.00
Operators whose certificate has/or is about to expire. Must present old certificate at the start of the course.

CAT 4 (Supplementary Course) $100.00
Operators wanting another type of forklift added to their Department of Labour (O.S.H.) Certificate. Must be added to CAT 1, 2 or 3.

  • Counter-Balance
  • Reach
  • Stock-picker

img-3CAT 5 (F Endorsement) $200.00
This assessment is Unit Standard: 18496 which also allows the student to drive the forklift on a public road. After completing the assessment, the certificate must be taken to an AA or VTNZ to have endorsed on their driver’s licence for an additional cost of $44.20 (payable to AA or VTNZ after completion and receiving endorsement certificate).

Booking Wizard – what courses can I do?
All prices quoted include GST.

First Question: Forklift,Truck or Other

Forklift: Do you want to drive a forklift on the road, in a warehouse or both?

Both/Road: Do you have a minimum Class 1 FULL driver licence?
YES : $250.00 would you like to add the DOL (OSH) Certificate?



NO: You must hold a minimum Class 1 FULL Driver Licence however you can drive a forklift inside a warehouse without a driver licence as long as you are 15 years or older.

Warehouse: Do you hold a current or expired DOL (OSH) Certificate?

YES : $120.00 for first machine plus $100.00 for any supplementary machines.

NO : $200.00 for first machine plus $100.00 for any supplementary machines.